Beyond and further

We think that there is a lot to improve in the world of mobility. Therefore we want to go beyond what others came up with and further than you can imagine. 

Our mission

Better mobility for the world

Ify designs products that enhances the personal mobility experience in a more sustainable way. We believe in up-cycling instead of producing whole new products.


The world in which we live is desperately in search of alternative energy sources. One of the solutions for the majors is getting people out of the car and on to sustainable transportation methods.


Most of the time, a compromis must be made between comfort, price and sustainability. We think that we could offer all of these by only looking at the system in a different way.


Making sure that everybody can benefit from sustainable mobility is a huge challenge when it comes down to accessibility. By keeping prices low, we are sure that we can keep our products accessible.

Find the answers you need right here

We are Ify. A company dedicated to enhance personal mobility in a more sustainable way.

We stand for sustainability, Comfort and Accessibility. By combining these values, we think we can change your personal mobility.

We believe in up-cycling instead of making something completely new.

Our goal is to get you from point a to b completely free of emissions.

Our team